Stakeholder Management and Travel Card System Failures

Posted by Peter on Aug 04 2008 | Case Studies

London Queue

Interesting to read about the ‘chaos’ affecting public transport systems in both New York and London recently, caused by faulty contact-less travel payment cards and readers.

Apparently, thousands of subway and bus riders in New York City were unable to use their cards, as up to 2,000 vending machines failed last week, making it impossible for them to use their credit and debit cards to buy tickets. Similar difficulties also affected travelers in London in late July. This is further to the article here on RFID tags used as travel payment card.

One traveler had an interesting comment when interviewed:

… she said she does not carry much cash because I fully expect these kinds of machines to always be working’.

That’s a good example of how stakeholder expectations nowadays can be very high. And it’s also a reminder that we do need to take great care with the technical implementation of our projects.

  • Stakeholder management alone won’t help if the system keeps breaking down!

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